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Print Your Photo Album

So, now you have made lots of layouts and have collected them on your computer. Would you like to put them all together into a photo album?

There are many places to get your scrap pages published into a book from online publishers to local shops.

Here is a short guide to using Shutterfly. Shutterfly is one of the most popular online shops with digital scrapbookers and they now have a 10″ x 10″ size book. Click any of the images for a close-up look and then click the back arrow to return to the guide.

1. choose “Custom Path”

Shutterfly Tutorial 1

2. choose size 8×8, 10×10 or 12×12

Shutterfly Tutorial 2

3. scroll down on the left, choose “Portfolio”

Shutterfly Tutorial 3

4. scroll down and choose “Digiscrap”

Shutterfly Tutorial 4

5. choose your cover, then click “select this photo book”

Shutterfly Tutorial 5

6. add your photos (in this case the photos are your layouts)

Shutterfly Tutorial 6

To add all layouts easily at one time, gather them into one folder on your computer.

7. Now for the fun part! Make your album!

Shutterfly Tutorial 7

Drag each layout to the page you want it to be on. Be sure to use your saved images at 300 ppi. If you try to use a reduced size you will see a caution sign.

Shutterfly Tutorial 8

Click the image below to get started on your custom memory book:
Shutterfly Photo Books 300x600