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Creating a Digital Scrap Page

The Basics of Creating a Digital Layout

When you create a digital layout, you do it in much the same way that you would a tra­ditional layout. You start with your background paper and then add your photo(s) and elements on top of the paper. Each paper, photo, and embellishment exists on its own layer in your document. This means you can re-position them at any time until you are happy with your scrap page.

  1. Open your photo-editing software
  2. Choose a paper and open it in your software (use “open” or drag onto your work space)
  3. Drag or open your photo onto your paper
  4. Open or drag the elements you want to use onto the paper (your workspace). This would typically be flowers, frames, ribbons, word art and other elements from the kit you have chosen.
  5. With each element now on its own layer, you can arrange them to your liking. Changing where they are and which ones are on top of others.
  6. You can resize elements to fit your layout and finally add shadows to create depth.
  7. Save your layered document as .psd.  Keeping the .psd file allows you to go back and make changes at a later date or reuse your layout as a template or guide for making another scrap page.
  8. Use the “save as” to save your page as a printable .jpg image.


Create and save at 300 ppi for the best printing quality

To post on the internet (Facebook, galleries, etc.), save at 72 ppi and resize to 600 x 600 pixels (2”x2”).

We got some great tips on using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements on our Pinterest Board – Scrapbooking Tips


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